10 Reasons To Bring Your Body To Church in 2017

By Pastor Don Weeks

You should bring all your heart and all your soul to church with you. But if all you can bring is your body, do it. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Your body is important. If you do not bring your body to church, our local church is incomplete.
  2. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. When you bring your body to church, you bring the Holy Spirit. That in itself is amazing to consider.
  3. If you do not bring your body to church, it will be impossible for your spirit, soul, heart and mind (and other mysterious things of God that your body contains) to be affected positively for your own personal growth. And guess what, when you grow, the church grows. This cannot happen if you do not bring your body.
  4. Just by bringing your body to church, you are a witness to your world. You are a witness to your own family members. You are a witness to your neighbors. You are speaking without saying a word. You are saying that you believe, that you are committed, and that Jesus is real to you. You do this by bringing your body to church.
  5. Bringing your body to church magnifies your church’s testimony and influence in the community. Have you ever seen an overflowing parking lot at a church that is not your own and been impressed? Did it make you wonder what special event was going on? Just imagine if everybody brought their body. The special event going on would be that everybody brought their body to honor Christ and worship God.
  6. When you bring your body to church you encourage the church. People get excited when someone shows up. Imagine if every member brought their body to church. That would be exciting.
  7. When you bring your body to church, it cannot be anywhere else, physically. If you are at church, you cannot be at home watching Netflix. Church needs you and you need church. That cannot (or should not) be said for Netflix.
  8. Bring your body to church and you just might impress yourself. Allow yourself to be affected by the fellowship, the teaching, the preaching, and by the Holy Spirit. Watch yourself grow. You’ll be glad you did.
  9. Your bodily presence is a domino. You bringing your body to church causes a chain reaction. Of course, you should do more than just bring your body. But even if you didn’t, your presence could be an encouragement to a discouraged member. Your authentic smile could help a hurting soul. You never know, your presence could be the link to a groundswell of faith that some might call a revival.
  10. Your bodily presence at church is obedience to the Bible. Honestly, that should be reason enough. Amen?

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. –Hebrews 10:25