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The Challenge: 40 Days of Increase: Day 2
If you would like to begin at day one you can find that post here.

—by Pastor Don Weeks, Antioch Baptist Church

Let’s start day off 2 of your 40 day challenge with a practical task. But first, did you do yesterday’s task? It was simply to pray and ask God to help you during these next forty days. Actually, we are already down to 39 days. See how time flies when you’re seeking God’s will? We are going to incorporate prayer into each and every daily task during these days of challenge.

Your task today is to get a notebook. Even if you already have a journal I would like you to get a separate notebook dedicated to this challenge. Yes, it would be possible to use a smart phone, tablet or some other device, but for the duration of this challenge I’d like you to get a designated actual paper notebook just for this challenge. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe you have a journal somewhere in the house already that someone gave you for Christmas that you’ve never used. Personally, I will be using a composition notebook. You can get them from the dollar store for, um, one dollar. Make sure your journal isn’t too tiny. We’ll be needing a lot of open space to write.

That’s it. That’s your practical task for today. Find a notebook. Tomorrow we are going to use it.

Now before we say goodbye, I want to encourage you in a few things. During these 40 days we need to establish a habit of prayer. How long has it been since you knelt down by your bedside and prayed? It is fine to pray while you do the dishes, and pray while you drive—as long as you keep your eyes open! But, that’s the point. Sometimes I think we over do it with multi-tasking. Have you ever heard the Chinese proverb that says he who chases two rabbits catches none?

It would be good, even if you think you can only do it for these 40 days, to commit to a prayer at the same time and place everyday. Remember, it doesn’t have to be long. Here are a few reminders about prayer.

  • Remember, all prayers count! When you give thanks before meals, it is real. You are talking to God in Jesus’ name. It counts. He’s listening. Beware of praying prayers you don’t believe in. Jesus said,

Matthew 6:7   But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

  • Remember, when you pray, you are simply talking to God in Jesus’ name.
  • Remember, when you pray, you are making the words of our theme verse come alive. Jesus is truly increasing, and you have decreased. You have decreased by humbling yourself in prayer. You have decreased by pushing the pause button on your life and making Jesus the central figure.

These are three big accomplishments for Christ today if you have done all three:

  1. Established a place where you are going to pray everyday.
  2. Established a time when you are going to pray everyday.
  3. Gotten a notebook to use everyday for the duration of the challenge. Tomorrow we’ll begin using it.


Have an awesome and inspired day in Christ.


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