He Must Increase

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” —John 3:30

Antioch’s theme and vision for 2017 is the phrase, HE MUST INCREASE.

John the Baptist was asked why Jesus was baptizing more people than he was. He told the people that Jesus must increase. He told the people he was nothing compared to Jesus.

At Antioch this year, He MUST INCREASE in everything we do. We have emphasized four key areas where HE MUST INCREASE in 2017:

  1. HE MUST INCREASE by us reaching more people with the Gospel.
    • If you have never trusted Christ as your Savior, please contact us and allow us to tell you about His great salvation.
    • If you live within reasonable driving distance, be prepared to receive a personal invitation from our church to know Christ.
  2. HE MUST INCREASE by us baptizing more people once they have accepted Christ.
    • If you have trusted Christ but have never been baptized, your first act of obedience to Christ is to be baptized.
    • Feel free to contact us regarding your baptism, or the baptism of your children, or family member. We would be happy to walk you through, every step of the way. Everyone must accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior before being baptized. Call us, and we will be honored to talk to you about it. That’s what we are here for, literally.
  3. HE MUST INCREASE by us enjoying Him more in our Sunday School groups, from children to adults.
    • Some might call our Sunday School classes “small groups.”
    • Sunday School is a great way to get to know people, make friends and learn the Bible.
    • We start off with a 10:00 am assembly for a few minutes, and then break off into groups.
    • Come at 10:00 am, and we’ll be excited to introduce you to some new friends. If you have children, or babies, we can show you the various classes and nursery.
    • Haven’t been in a while? Come on back! We know that HE MUST INCREASE and are making improvements with God’s help and guidance.
  4. HE MUST INCREASE by us improving our weekly church services for His glory.
    • The Gospel is not boring, and no church service should be either.
    • We know that HE MUST INCREASE in all our services.
    • You can help us this year by coming and participating with all your heart and soul.

Speaking of church services, this year we have a goal to reach 500 in our Easter Morning Service. Bring yourself, bring a friend, and let’s make Antioch history together.