Real, Relevant, Authentic Increase


—by Pastor Don Weeks, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in beautiful Ona, West Virginia

Nobody likes a fake. Nobody likes a liar. As Christians, we should be real. The Bible says that we are not supposed to be “puffed up.” Christ cannot increase in our lives, or in the lives of those around us, by us being fake.

The Apostle Paul uses the term puffed up in a negative way five times in his first letter to the believers in Corinth. Here’s the sad list from 1 Corinthians:

  • In chapter 4, verse 6, Paul tells them they should not be puffed up, or think they are somehow superior, against each other.
  • In chapter 4, verse 18, Paul tells the Corinthians they should not be puffed up against his authority and leadership. He reminds them often that his authority was given to him by God.
  • In the following verse Paul admonishes them again, that they should not be puffed up with empty words which have no real power.
  • Then in chapter 5 and verse 2, Paul tells the Corinthian believers that they should not be puffed up with pride regarding their sin. He tells them instead to be in mourning over their sin.
  • Finally, in the 4th verse of the 13th chapter of Corinthians, also known as the love chapter, Paul tells the folks at Corinth that real, relevant, and authentic love is never, ever puffed up. Never.

1 Corinthians 13:4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.

Real, relevant, and authentic love is not puffed up.

Blowfish, also known as puffer fish, or puffers, inflate their size when approached by predators. They are not really any bigger or stronger, they are just puffed up. They just want the other fish to think they are more massive than they really are. They puff up, but they really haven’t increased at all. Just like the puffed up people in Corinth.

Do you want to be real today? Do you want to be relevant to others around you that need Christ? Would you like Jesus to have an authentic increase in your life today? Then just be real. Be as authentic to others as you would like others to be to you, today.

Christ can’t flourish when we’re fake.

Let’s deflate ourselves so that Christ can increase.

Have and awesome and inspired day in Christ!